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Amy Auerbach, MD  

Winter can be a particularly difficult time of year to cope with asthma. Indoor allergens, such as dust mites and pets can trigger asthma symptoms when you are cooped up inside for extended periods of time. Outdoors, the cold air can trigger symptoms. Additionally, upper respiratory viruses are an extremely common trigger for both adults and children and these are most prevalent during the winter months.

 Tips for dealing with asthma during the winter months:

-          Have an Asthma Action Plan in place (so you know what to do when symptoms begin).

-          If cold air triggers symptoms, wear a scarf loosely around your nose and mouth when outdoors.

-          If you develop a viral infection, see your doctor if it seems to worsen your asthma.

-          Wash your hands frequently to reduce your risk of developing viral infections.

-          Unless you have a contraindication, get your flu vaccine yearly- influenza is a very common asthma trigger!

-          Avoid smoke (from wood burning fireplaces, etc).

-          Take your preventative medications daily or as prescribed by your allergist. Keep your rescue medication with you at all times.