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Halloween and Food Allergy

Halloween is an exciting time for most children, but it can be a scary time for parents of a food allergic child. Nut allergy can be particularly trying at this time of year as most chocolate candy either contains nuts or is processed on shared equipment/in the same facility as nuts. Even more challenging are ever changing food labels which can make tracking down the safety of individual candy extremely difficult (if not impossible).

Some tips and tricks to get the most enjoyment out of the holiday:

1)      Consider providing “safe” candy to your neighbors and then trick-or-treating exclusively at their homes

2)      Make a rule that no candy can be tasted while out trick or treating. This goes for everyone in your trick-or-treat party, not just the child with the food allergy.

3)      Consider a “candy swap” where you trade out candy you know to be safe with the candy you are uncertain about. You can do this among siblings or among friends.

4)      Bring your child’s emergency medications with you trick-or-treating.

5)      Please remember that individual or smaller sized candies may not have the same ingredients or be manufactured the same way as regular sized candies. If you are unable to look at the ingredient label, it is best not to let your child have the candy.

Have fun and stay safe!